July 13,2017

Wellness Plans: You Have Options

What Is Your Wellness Plan Optional Services Strategy? Now that you have completed written standards of care based on age and species, these will become the core service offerings of your wellness plans (last Week’s [...]

July 6,2017

What’s in Your Plan?

Establishing Preventive Care Protocols. It sounds simple. Wellness plans work best when they are based on a practice’s written standards of care for preventive medicine. But we realize that isn’t so simple. According to results [...]

June 26,2017

Wellness Plans: Break Free of The Misconceptions

Today’s wellness plan programs mean healthy pets and healthier practices. It is time to address, and “put to bed,” some misconceptions about wellness plans. It is easy to hang on to these misconceptions as [...]

November 11,2016

The Biggest Loser

About ten years ago I had the privilege of managing an amazing team of veterinarians and support staff, and the strength of this team enabled us to do many unique things in our practice. One [...]

January 27,2016

The NOT So Little Things

Our society is addicted to reality shows, but have you ever thought about what would happen if someone showed up at your practice with a camera rolling to film a new show called “Vet Practice [...]

December 18,2015

That Dirty Word ‘Discounting’

Bring up the word ‘discounting’ to veterinarians and practice managers and you will get a variety of reactions, some of them very strong indeed. Recently Veterinary Economics and our very own Jessica Lee, CVPM (our [...]

October 12,2015

Still Not Offering Wellness Plans?

It’s Time To Act Wellness plans and preventive care in the veterinary industry have been talked about for years, and as the industry changes the time to act is becoming more crucial. Corporate veterinary organizations [...]

December 4,2014

Case Study: Pets before Profit

Across the nation, Veterinary hospitals are adopting their own payment plans as a way to increase their client base, while realizing added revenue through interest on the payments. For a California Veterinary hospital that launched [...]