Your wellness plan program is a strategic business initiative that can play a major role in meeting a variety of business goals, such as:  Higher compliance, increased customer loyalty, revenue growth and the adoption and use of other services and products. To provide the insight you need VCP provides you and your wellness coach with easy to use and insightful data analytics and utilization tools to allow real time visibility to your program.

Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard provides you quick view of key data points about your program.  New Enrollments, Overall Plan Count and Volume, Plan Breakdown by Species and Age, Consumption and contract value are a few of the key analytics presented.  This information provides real time understanding of your program.

Utilization and Action Center

The VCP Utilization and action center is a allows you and your wellness coach to set goals and key performance indexes (KPIs) for your program and the green, yellow and red dots provide a quick visual of status.  Your wellness coach can easily work with you and provide insight to help in any areas that may be under performing and help ensure your program is a success.