Building Your Brand and Your Client Loyalty

As a good partner, one of our key responsibilities is enabling you to build and communicate your brand promise and build client loyalty directly with the pet owners you serve. Wellness plans and membership clubs are a leading way to embrace your customers and differentiate your practice to gain clients for life. We have brought together best-in-class software, coaching services, business processes and industry partners that work together to build your wellness plan program.

Marketing Your Program

Our VCP professional marketing team can help you create unique marketing solutions to attract new clients and communicate to inactive clients. VCP works with you to build a consistent message that can be easily communicated by your team and supported with marketing elements to grow your program.


  1. Exam room sheets
  2. Program brochures
  3. Doctor’s message
  4. Counter signs
  5. Digital marketing images
  6. Social media creative
  7. And more!

Creating Membership Clubs

Differentiating your program and building long-term loyalty is a key benefit of evolving your wellness plan program into a club concept. VCP helps hospitals of all sizes bring their brand promise to life. We offer branding and graphic services that can create club logos and concepts along with professional collateral. Your wellness coach can help to evolve your preventive care plans to include other products and services along with building a network of referral businesses that allow you to add value to your program, increasing client loyalty, overall pet health and practice growth.


Your existing VCP software can also be used to create treatment-specific plans, daycare and grooming membership plans and more. Your VCP team is a strategic business resource that helps you evolve your program to the next level.


Marketing to Your Inactive Base and Community
Our marketing and graphics team can help you create and can handle marketing programs for you, such as inactive base emails and direct mail. We can also work with you to create postcard campaigns to your local community. We have full capabilities and can help with all types of programs. Helping you build awareness and attract new clients is part of a successful wellness program.

Pet Owner Communications

Proactive Email Notifications

Your VCP wellness plan platform provides proactive and reactive client communications to keep your clients informed.


Proactive Emails


  • Welcome message
  • Payment reminders
  • Upcoming expired card
  • Notification
  • Renewal notifications

Reactive Emails


  • Missed payment notifications
  • Plan renewal reminders

Pet Owner Portal

VCP provides a pet owner portal, branded for your practice, making it easy for your clients to go online to see statements, invoices and find out what services they have used or have remaining.


  • Quick view of account status
  • Services used and those available
  • Update and verify payment Information
  • Statements and invoices

Special Events and Opportunities

Need help with special program promotions or events? Call on VCP to help creatively communicate your wellness plan program at special events or online to further build your brand and attract more clients.

Ecosystem Partners

A consistent message is important to building your brand and communicating the key benefits of your wellness plan program. We can help ensure that key components of your program are integrated and communicated consistently, all while implementing innovative marketing programs to promote your program. We work with partners for on-hold messaging, digital displays and creative client education and retention tools to ensure the success of your wellness plan program.


PawsTime – On-Hold Messaging

If you’re not using your telephone hold time to educate and connect with pet owners, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build your practice, strengthen your relationships with clients, and help ensure healthier pets—even when you’re not in the exam room.


  • Strengthen clients’ loyalty to the practice
  • Promote wellness plans and all practice services
  • Improve compliance with pet-care recommendations
  • Educate and motivate clients to make better pet-care decisions
  • Increase referrals from friends and family
  • Enhance awareness of and trust in the practices’ expertise
  • Free staff to focus on the clients at the front desk
  • Engage and entertain callers while they’re on hold, ensuring they feel valued
  • Boost revenue and optimize the practice’s bottom line

Preventive Vet

Our 101 Essential Tips books are filled with preventive wellness and life-saving information that supports what you’re saying to your clients in the exam room. Written by general practice and emergency veterinarian, Dr. Jason Nicholas, these books are a reliable, bond-building resource. They’re fun, family-friendly, and make great gifts for dog and cat owners of all experience levels.


These books are a great compliment to wellness club gifts and can be a strategic tool to remind pet owners of preventive care as their pet enters their next life stage. Example: A great way to remind clients as their puppy becomes an adult that preventive care is a lifelong journey.


  • Value-add and loyalty-building tool
  • Promotes wellness plans and all your practice’s services
  • Improves compliance with easy-to-digest pet-care recommendations
  • Educates and motivate clients to make better pet-care decisions
  • Enhances wellness plan renewal rates
  • Increases family and friends’ referrals

How We All Work Together

As part of VCP’s Business of Wellness™ service to your practice, your VCP coach helps coordinate messaging with all parties involved to make sure website, emails, on-hold messaging, etc., are all explaining your wellness message to your customers. The Preventive Vet books are provided to hand out to new customers, reinforcing the value of your wellness program. For puppies and kittens on wellness plans, at renewal time, an adult book is automatically sent to your client to help reinforce the value and importance of preventive care for pets at all ages, thus increasing renewal rates.

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