Why Wellness?

Today’s wellness plan programs serve multiple purposes. Our goal is to help pets live happier, healthier lives, and wellness plans educate pet owners and provide a budget-friendly option for care. Wellness plans are also a business strategy focused on delivering pet care, increasing compliance, and building customer loyalty. Wellness plan programs also act as a growth strategy and business development tool for veterinary practices.

How Wellness Plans Benefit Pets

  • Their human companion is educated on their needs at each stage of life
  • Pets on wellness plans receive a higher standard of care, resulting in higher compliance for the preventive protocols recommended
  • Encourages regular visits, building relationships and better insight into the health and lifestyle of the pet
  • Helps find potential issues sooner
  • Wellness plans provide the journey for longer, healthier lives

How Wellness Plans Benefit Pet Owners

  • A wide variety of pet owners prefer membership in a plan to pay as you go
  • Wellness plans enable pet owners to afford and obtain care their pets need
  • Educates on care pets need at each stage of life
  • 47% of pet owners in a survey said they value wellness plans primarily as a budgeting tool
  • 35% of respondents most value the peace of mind of receiving the best possible care
  • Millennials are fast-growing segment and expect payment options and automated payments

How Wellness Plans Benefit Veterinarians

  • Wellness plans, by spreading payments, enable more of recommended preventive care protocols to be used and accepted
  • Builds and fosters better relationships with clients and pets
  • VCP data shows that pet owners, with pets on plans, more readily accept doctor recommendations for treatment in and out of the plan
  • Enables compliance growth in other areas such as dentistry
  • Data shows wellness plans increase production pay
  • Increases regular visits

How Wellness Plans Benefit the Practice

  • Wellness plans are a way for the practice to play an important role in improving and extending the amazing bonds clients have with their pets
  • Wellness plans help practices reach their primary goal of helping more pets and increasing compliance
  • When used strategically, wellness plans help grow other areas of the practice
  • Enable practice to differentiate their hospital and better service their clients
  • Wellness plans should be seen as a membership and loyalty program
  • Today’s wellness plans are NOT about discounts
  • As a strategy, can drive both practice and overall revenue growth
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